June 25, 2013 at 4:06 pm EDT | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Bystanders cheer as women attack, beat D.C. drag performer
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Miles DeNiro (Screen capture)

A male drag performer was punched, kicked, and dragged by his hair on the floor at the Manny & Olga’s pizzeria on 14th Street, N.W., about 2 a.m. Sunday by two female attackers in an incident that was captured on video taken by a bystander who cheered the attackers.

An official with the D.C. police department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit said police were investigating the incident and were reviewing the video, which had been posted on at least two websites, to determine the identity of the attackers. The incident was expected to be classified as a hate crime.

Miles DeNiro, 24, who had just performed under his drag name Heidi Glum at the nearby Black Cat nightclub, said he suffered cuts and bruises to his head and upper body and had clumps of hair pulled from his head in an encounter he described as horrifying and traumatic.

“I had ordered some food and was waiting and one girl approached me and she started touching my face, telling me I needed to blend my makeup,” DeNiro told the Washington Blade.

DeNiro, who said he identifies as a gay man, said he was dressed in drag after just having completed a performance at the Black Cat.

He said he asked the woman not to touch him and to “please back off” when another woman approached him and began calling him a “tranny” and “shouted insults at me saying I was a man and a faggot.” He said he shouted back as the name-calling escalated and one of the women slapped him in the face twice.

“Then I flipped out,” DeNiro said. “I spit in her face and her friend jumped in and they started dragging me around by my hair while punching me in the face repeatedly and kicking me,” he said. “They had me held down on the ground and they were pulling my hair out.”

The video shows the two women dragging and punching him before knocking him to the floor as bystanders shouted and cheered. An unidentified man who took the video can be heard repeatedly shouting and screaming the words “World Star,” which refers to a hip hop music website, on which the video was later posted.

The video shows DeNiro wiping blood from his forehead which he said came from at least two cuts on his head sustained when he was knocked to the floor.

Someone also posted the video on YouTube, but the popular video website took down the video a short time later and posted a message saying, “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.”

The video, which was also posted on the site liveleak.com, shows one of the Manny & Olga’s employees walking past where the women were punching DeNiro while carrying out several boxes of pizzas.

“There were five or six workers behind the counter or in the kitchen area and none of them did anything to stop it,” DeNiro said.

The assault ended, according to DeNiro, when two men walked into the restaurant from the sidewalk and pulled the two women away from him.

“I don’t know who they are but they appeared to have seen what was happening through the window and came in to help,” he said.

DeNiro said two friends who were with him drove him home. He said he chose not to call police at the time of the incident but reported the attack to police Monday afternoon at the Third Police District at 17th and V Street, N.W.

Sgt. Matt Mahl, supervisor of the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, said police first learned about the incident a few hours earlier when Rick Rosendall, president of the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance, emailed a link to the video of the incident to the GLLU office. Rosendall told the Blade he received the video in an email sent by one of DeNiro’s friends, who also sent a link to the video to the Blade and other news media outlets.

Police spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump told the Blade a second police report was filed by a party other than DeNiro related to an incident at Manny & Olga’s, but she didn’t identify who the other party was.

A man who identified himself only as Jamie and said he was a manager at Manny & Olga’s, located at 1841 14th Street, N.W., said the owners of the carry out restaurant were cooperating with police. He said the owners agreed to a request by police to show investigators footage from Manny & Olga’s in-house video surveillance cameras taken at the time of the incident. He said police were scheduled to view the video at 9 p.m. Tuesday evening.

“It’s my understanding that someone here did call the police and the police came,” Jamie told the Blade.

But DeNiro said police did not come before he left the restaurant to go home sometime after 2 a.m. on June 23. He said police could have arrived for an unrelated incident at the restaurant on a night in which he said “a lot of rowdy people” were on the street outside and inside Manny & Olga’s.”

DeNiro said he regrets that when he arrived home and observed the extent of his injuries, including damage to his scalp where hair had been pulled from its roots, that he posted two messages on his Twitter account using a racial slur to describe one of the two women attackers who is black.

The LGBT news website Queerty, which posted a story about the assault against DeNiro, quoted DeNiro’s Twitter postings, which used the “N” word.

The Queerty story prompted at least 20 readers to post comments debating one another over whether DeNiro’s racial comment should overshadow the significance of the assault, which many readers said was motivated by anti-gay and anti-trans prejudice.

“I was angry. I was irritated,” DeNiro told the Blade. “I said some things that I of course regret. I can’t change the past but I can only move forward and learn from this to become a better person.”

hate crime, Manny & Olga's, gay news, Washington Blade

A video of the altercation involving drag performer Miles DeNiro early Sunday morning at Manny & Olga’s pizzeria on 14th Street, N.W., shows these two women assaulting DeNiro as one of them drags him by his hair across the floor. (Screen capture)

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  • These 2 women should be jailed for assault when the police catch them, It does not matter that he is a drag artist or even if he is transvestite, he still has the right to walk through the streets amongst these bigoted people without been assaulted. Hope the police catch these women and charge them.



  • I think anyone who's just been verbally and physically attacked has every right to use any epithet in the book in regard to the attackers. There's no need to respect people who have disrespected you to the point of a physical assault.

  • disgusting cunts.

  • I just read the article… he apparently physically attacked them first. This is going to be a hot mess.

    • Wrong. She came up to him and touched his face. He asked her to not. She did it anyways. Arguement ensues, she slapped him, he spit on her, then they physical altercation started@

      The simple act of touching his face is assault. Assault is unwanted physical contact. THEN, she slapped him, TWICE. More assault.

  • Who cares if he used the "N" word. Act like one and get called one! These idiots can behave like that in public and beat someone while others cheer them on and he has to apologize for THAT word? I am so sick of all this Politically Correct BS! I don't know what it takes to make people realize that word is NOT a racial slur. Not as defined by ANY dictionary. Black people just up and decided one day it was racist. But they can call each other that and they can call white people "Honky" and that is NOT racist? Get a grip people.

    • Uh we didn't just up and decide it was racist princess. It IS racist. Now before you get all defensive I have no problem with him using the word because that is exactly how that woman acted. But please don't act like blacks/african americans just one day decided a word that was used with full faith and contempt for our race was racist.

    • Also I suggest you actually look up the definition and let me know when you find a non racial/racist definition.

    • I agree I think racist people started using that word to categorize a certain group of people who were "different". It sucks that when someone does something wrong we automatically go for words that we think are gonna hurt them. They were animals, not anything else. This poor guy already is dealing with an identity issue and then needs to walk into an establishment and get beat up. It breaks my heart

    • Annette… You are not helping. I know you are all 'but…", but, no…just no.

    • Thank you Annette!

    • I care. That doesn't make this senseless violence okay but for you to say something as ignorant and bigoted as what you've just said; doesn't make you any better. The N word has always been a racial slur seeing as how it was hurled at the bodies of innocent blacks swaying in the wind as they hung from trees. If you think that not using it is overly PC then how about I call you a "cracker" anytime I feel like and say, "Oh, everybody uses it, stop being so sensitive." No, rappers and street vermin disrespect themselves like that, by using that word. Not the rest of us. That being said, these "women" (because respectful women don't do this) need to be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This behavior is abhorrent and cheering them on makes the others accomplices who should also face some sort of punishment.

    • @ Annette Samford, Are you one of Paula Deen's descedants?

    • Sherman Hemsley used the term "Honky" on a regular basis on his T.V. show "The Jeffersons" and it seemed to be acceptable so YES Mam, I get called racial slurs most everyday. You may call me anything you like. It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I have a husband and 2 sons that defend that freedom everyday so blurt away, say what you want. Until the government takes that away too? You are more than welcome to call me a "Cracker", though it is something you eat so that would be odd but ok.

    • Annette Samford, Are you one of Paula Deen's descendants?

    • Mia Cherub Villavazo And what makes it OK for Rappers and Comedians to use that term on a daily basis and make money off of it? If it is so offensive, why would you listen to that? Someone listens to it cause they all make a killing so why is THAT ok and this is not? Are they all as ignorant and bigoted as you call me? Must be if they use those terms. Years ago, and I have a dictionary to prove it, back when we actually read books and didn't depend on the internet for it's 100% accuracy, the term was used to describe an ignorant person. Somewhere down the line, it became what it is now. I was raised that it can apply to ANY race. So you see, I am neither ignorant NOR am I a bigot. In my comment I called NO names yet you called me plenty. Who is the bigot?

    • Seriously? You asked me that? HA! As if I would even dignify that with an answer. Are you asking me why the "N" word is wrong but a slur against white people is not? Because that's what it sounds like.

    • regardless of what you may read in your dictionary, nigger is a word used to dehumanize black people so that white people could buy, own, beat, sell, exploit, rape, and kill them without having to think about what they were really doing. you know this. you cannot defend it. Honkey is meaningless, cracker has some sting if used properly. they all suck. this story is about people who think it is okay to harass, touch, harm, hate, beat, and sometimes kill gay people or people they perceive to be gay. that the victim lapsed into racist hate talk is telling about the depth of the problems we have to overcome as freedom INCREASES. good luck everyone. be nice.

    • Typical ignorance. You think you can equate using a word as being as bad as violence?

    • When you yourself are being called derogatory terms, (and getting ur ass kicked at the same time) as they stated in this article, that is a natural reaction. Its not right, but when you are being attacked, thats what happens. It doesnt matter what difference someone is pulling out to talk shit about. Orientation, race, nationality, gender, w/e idc its all equally wrong.

    • Annette, I don't agree on Heidi's choice to use the N word, but it shows that when people are incredibly hurt at what someone did, a means of a way to cope with their hurt is to try to insult them at a personal level. It should be taken into account, but more lighter than the bigger issue in the situation which is the hate crime that initiated the slur, and much more.

      And just because a racial slur isn't defined by a dictionary is not a good argument to prove that it doesn't have historical connotation with horrible acts of racism. Any regularly educated individual in America should know that.

    • I don't like the use of the "C" word to describe women. It's a derogatory term in the context it is being used and is being used a LOT in this thread. What makes THAT ok when the people using it KNOW they would take a piece of it for free if it was handed to them? You all have it mixed up. Terms that are wrong or demoralize whites or women are Ok in your book, you have all proven it but one that goes the other way is not? Nevertheless, I didn't say it was RIGHT, I said, I didn't blame them for saying it because I was raised that the word was NOT a racial innuendo. It was a term used for the lack of intelligence or ignorance. So, if I wanted to "hurt" someone with words in this case, I'd just call them a stupid dumbass because that is what they were. That is ME! There is not one person here who has posted a comment or reply that can say that if something terrible was happening to them, they would not shout out hateful words. Have you ever called your wife a Bitch? Your Husband a Bastard? There you go. You demoralized them by calling one a dog and the other a fatherless child. Same difference. Stop reading so much into everything someone says. They are words. They don't hurt anyone unless you let them. Those punches DID however hurt. BIG difference.

    • It is obvious that the term "nigger", came from the word, "niggardly" which means lazy. All I can say is double standards.

    • the N word is actually latin for the colour black that was then changed by the Spanish/Portugese/more than likely British too to refer to africans.

    • Exactly! Act like a nigger and you'll be a nigger. That also goes to any ethnic group who acts like the bottom of the classless barrel!

    • And since so many are so outraged over the treatment of Blacks in the olden days, watch The Birth of a Nation and realize why the KKK was created. History is not always one sided and Blacks were all not defenseless angels.

    • Sorry.. the moment you verbally, let alone physically attack someone else, you give up any right to be treated with respect. For anyone to place ANY blame on a victim for word they may utter after being physically assaulted an traumatized is not only ridiculous but inhumane, ignorant and stupid.

    • The Birth of a Nation isn't a documentary. The KKK was created because hateful white Protestants wanted to put ethnic minorities, Catholics, and Jews in their place. Gurl fucking bye.

    • nig·ger (ngr)
      n. Offensive Slang
      a. Used as a disparaging term for a Black person: "You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a nigger" (James Baldwin).
      b. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people.
      2. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people.

    • I never, EVER, commented on this stuff and believe me you when I say NEVER… BUT… As a gay latino coming from the Bronx, NY, then moving to Harrisonburg, VA, joining the Army, then leaving the Army and living in DC… No Offense but anything south from DC and on, I, have never and once again, EVER, faced more RACISM, IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY and just plain DISCRIMINATION and HYPOCRISY since living in DC or VA from another minority. Trust me I see the flaws in every race and that word is absolutely appropriate for the majority of the ratchet ass imbeciles that walk these streets… get over it! Do you see immigrants holding grudges??? NO! On the contrary, these minorities make fun of the accents and the race… so no, I don't care for the white guilt or for a grudge you've held about something YOUR ANCESTORS have been through, they would have had more CLASS and would most likely be ASHAMED of your present behaviors, I don't care how you feel that the word is inappropriate, it is appropriate, tell them to look in the mirror first and then think twice. I have best friends in all races and I would call each and every one of them out if I had to, sometimes people just need to be reminded of it, even if it is a devils advocate, it's just the truth. Love to all <3

    • Kristina Grier I totally agree. That word just strikes a chord in me… but what I can't understand is why blacks/african-americans call each other the 'N' word; almost as a term of endearment. I think I hear that word more now than in my youth :(

    • I want to live in your world. It's all sheltered and perfect. But sadly I have to live in reality.

    • here ya go. a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons <it's time for somebody to lead all of America's niggers … all the people who feel left out of the political process — Ron Dellums> straight from webster. i suggest you actualy look up the word that you say has always been a racial slur

    • Negro-Negra-Nigger…..
      You really think Blacks just pulled that out of their asses. How great it is to be able to be historically ignorant of an ethnicity you don't belong to. On another note, no she (he) wasn't wrong to use it, for this situation, to describe the cow that was harrasing him.

    • Annette Samford Cracker and Honky don't have the same racial, emotionally damaging, or historical significance nor are the tied to any stigmazation such as NIGGER, JAP, JEW, CHINK, AMIGO or many of the other racial epithets used by what was once the majority/oppressing culture. These were and still are used in contempt for minorities.

  • **It does not matter that he is a drag artist or even if he is transvestite, he still has the right to walk through the streets amongst these bigoted people without been assaulted. Hope the police catch these women and charge them.**
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    In Mayor Gray’s MPD, few people get arrested for hate crimes. Gray is soft on violent hate crimes– and violent crimes in general. So that’s not likely to happen.

  • Well quite honestly, I really think the N word means as little in the way of singling.out a race as the Fa*(***) word does to single out an orientation class. By and large, there are some people in this world who deserve nothing more than such an epihet. Unfortunately no one seems creative enough to coin a new one, so we throw the old ones around.
    I am fairly certain drag performers aren't going to go singling out other races based on external appearance, and I know a fair number of entertainers.covering more than just black/white on which I base that statement.
    Wishing a safe recovery and justice, both swift.

  • I think I'm more disgusted by the pieces of shit who sat around and did nothing. People in this country are such pussies.

    • I agree completely! This entertainer should sue the establishment of which he was spending his hard earned money but yet the staff stood by and acted like it was just another normal day at work! I want to know what establishment this is so I can avoid it at all cost! I know that he used a very ugly word and it was probably used in pure anger but I don't like to hear that word and find it extremely hurtful and disrespectful! What would he have called these attackers had they been Caucasian?

    • Chad Broyles Honky cracker assholes. And they would have deserved it…

    • Chad Broyles -Peckerwood.

    • what about his "friends'' they just watch the entire thing and did nothing to help his friend, like for example take the girls out of him…/

    • and then what happens when an employee gets involved and gets stabbed by one of them? Then what? You can't MAKE people responsible for getting involved in these situations, that has to be of their own free will. No one has mentioned the drag queen's friends who did nothing!

    • Although detestable, it is a generally understood mob psychological response. No one does anything or everyone does something.

    • Chad Broyles many establishments are instructed not to intervene in a physical matter. It's dangerous and can also result in disciplinary action against the employee. However, I would have called the cops immediately.

  • fucking race card… Plenty of black people are not niggers. This bitch was the stereotype nigger who will keep the stereotype alive. I am not a racist….but I do tell the truth.

  • The attackers need to be jailed on hate crimes and given a harsh sentence. At least the drag queen looked more womanly than these to Hermann Munster look a likes!

  • Rather ironic that the (I presume) Latina one looks like a man in drag to me….

  • I hope those hateful ugly women are caught and justice served to them because they have no right to do what they did. It's horrible that everybody else in the room did nothing and this fool behind the camera should be held responsible for his role in the whole incident. I heard him encouraging violence.


  • I think the man who shot the video was the biggest instigator among all of them…what an ASS of the HOLE Variety. These Thugs deserve whatever Karma has in store for them…I heard Karma's a Bitch with a Big Dick! You girls are most definitely going to get F*#Ked in the A$$…and There's Your IRONY! Milo DeNiro is STILL GORGEOUS and Has HER SELF RESPECT!

  • I am so Sad, after watch this Video my day change at all. I am crying, I feel Hurt.!!!
    How this things still happen in this Country.?
    Why People don’t remember who start The Civil Right Movement.
    I would like to tell those African Girls (in the video):
    That in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 were a series of spontaneous, demonstrations by members of the gay community (mostly TRANGENDERS, and TRAVESTIES) against a police raid that took place , at the Stonewall Inn, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. They are widely considered to constitute the single most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for gay and lesbian rights in the United States.
    After that date very contentious, as many social movements were active, including the African American Civil Rights Movement, The liberal environment of Greenwich Village, served as catalysts for the Stonewall riots.
    The Civil Rights Movement start that Morning, Civil Rights that You and I as many of You enjoy Today.!!!
    The People who ATTACK one Of Our Member need to punished with the Full Weight of the Law for this Hate Crime.

    Momma Monster
    Miami Florida

    • Rodriguez, please go back and learn your history. The civil rights movement went in full effect when Rosa Parks refused to get up from that bus seat. Now please look that date up and come back and edit your comments. Did Sylvia Rivera start the modern day civil rights movement for the LGBTQ community, yes she did. You also need to know that once the white community got through using her they discarded her light the trash they think POC are. You have the surname of Rodriguez so I am assuming you are of Latino/Latina decent and if you are you should know this piece of history even though it is not taught in schools. For the record I am a black trans man!

  • I cannot believe this? when is the hate going to stop? Instead of fighting and assaulting queens, they should be watching there 20 kids at home from different "baby daddies" blend in your makeup? Stupid ass ugly bitches, I so wish I could punch the hell out of them, but of course, there not stupid, they know who to pick on, and I totally agree, they should be charged with assault. Oh and for all those idiots out there getting all but hurt about the "N' word, bitches please these dumb asses deserve that and much much more!

  • WOW…Some white gays really kill me with these n***er comments! Just goes to show you how racially divided the LGBTQ Community Always has been!

    • Chirs the mostly white gay community is racist towards black gays. Many light skin or white Hispanics with European features are accepted by white America.

  • This story seems really overblown. I wasn’t there (I’m sure a lot of us who are commenting now weren’t). But I did watch the fight from beginning to end on worldstarhiphop.com and it clearly looked like he started and instigated the fight. The smaller girls is who he begun the fight with, he was all In her face while she was ordering her food. And the larger girl only got involved when it started to appear like he was about to get physical and try to overpower her. And you could tell he was wrong because his “friends” didn’t even try to help him. They watched him get his ass handed to him and did nothing. Then when he lost he told the girl she had aids because she made him bleed! And I should add the only slur I heard was “bitch”. Nothing about him being gay. And nobody was cheering except the guy recording who kept saying “worldstar, worldstar” all over again – which was idiotic. You guys can’t all seriously believe this is a hate crime. It looked more to me like everybody was drunk on a Friday and made some bad choices. Please, go on worldstar and watch the video. It will probably change your minds http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/apple/video.php?v=wshhNiIhD9LtwC90IEU3

  • I don't agree on Heidi's choice to use the N word, but it shows that when people are incredibly hurt at what someone did, a means of a way to cope with their hurt is to try to insult them at a personal level. It should be taken into account, but more lighter than the bigger issue in the situation which is the hate crime that initiated the slur, and much more.

    And just because a racial slur isn't defined by a dictionary is not a good argument to prove that it doesn't have historical connotation with horrible acts of racism. Any regularly educated individual in America should know that.

    Furthermore I don't even know which definition of the n word she used. The "-er" ending or the "-a" ending. They're usually used in different contexts. I'm assuming it's the "er" ending, since that would fit what Heidi would probably have wanted to do at the time, express her anger and hurt on a personal level.

  • Also that video was annoying as fuck. WORLDSTAR. WORLDSTAR. shut up

  • the guy yelling "World Star" needed the beat down….asshole.

  • Some friends he had. The two bitches & the obnoxious cameraman will get there time, one way or another.

  • It's heart-breaking and upsetting that no one stepped in to try to diffuse the situation, even as the fighting escalated. I can't believe the bystanders (and the uploader of this video) were more concerned about getting it on tape than breaking up the fight.

  • This is disgusting! I'm so sick of seeing people behaving like animals.

  • People are worrying about her using the N-word but the dude filming sure the hell isn't black and he's screaming it all throughout the video. Ignorant disgusting females. I hope they're found quickly and they get the book thrown at them,

  • So sad why attack someone and then be a Bitch by pulling hair. Don't be mad cuz Heidi is beautiful and well….. Sorry

  • The 2 women have to go in JAIL for this ,is all recorded .discrimination ,attacking , violent etc..

    Police must take the 2 women and put them in prison ! for safety of society !

  • By the way that is a WHITE GUY Filiming this!

  • If is Justice in this world ..The 2 women have to go in Jail ,where belong and pay the harm what they coz .Shame

  • If I see either of these two filthy cunts on the street, they will be violently fucking hacked to pieces. Filthy fucking ghetto whores.

  • The one looks like a hooker… Just saying…

  • OOOH OOOOHH, they are pathetic excuses for women!
    trash. filth. the lowest kind of gutterscum in the world.
    they are cowards… fighting in numbers. And fighting someone smaller in size then them. BITCHES COME FOR ME! IM 6'4" AND 400 LBS. And I am a QUEEN! Disrespect me and I'll sit on your fucking face! They are totally ignorant BASURRA, and the way you HANDLE BASSURRA, is by taking it out to the CURB. you cant reason with it! you gotta SORT THAT SHIT OUT! They clearly don't know the difference between a drag queen which is a gay man in costume, and a tranny, which is a slur for transexuals, who are transitioining from one Sex to the Other. I want to wipe the floor with these Perras! I hope they catch them!

  • The one video taping it and egging it on should be charged as well! World Star that Bitch!

  • Ugh… minorities

  • I am not condoning or agreeing with this attack AT ALL. I want that to be clear. But I don't understand why YouTube took down this attack video and replaced it with that message, when there are hundreds of other videos on that site of teenagers getting jumped unknowingly, with other teenagers cheering on the attacker. I understand that this is a hate crime, but the end result seems to be the same.

  • WHAT's sad, is that if this poor dude would have flipped it on them, and was kicking their ass, people WOULD HAVE stepped in and turned on him. what a fucking shame!

  • and I would have called them every dirty name in the book! I make no apologies for what I say in the heat of the moment after the SHOCK and TRAUMA of being attacked. If other n****** HAVE A PROBLEM with it they ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, cuz its not even aobut them! they're not the ones that got brutalized.

  • such immense ignorance and hatred in the world… it makes me sick to my stomach. and to read all of these hateful comments on all of these threads- it's deplorable that after hundreds of years of misunderstanding each other, LGBTQ, black, white, latino, asian, straight etc, we have not yet learned how to truly have a civil dialogue about the deep seeded hate and ignorance that many seem to harbor against others different from themselves. as a black gay man I am horrified at what these sad sad women did to Heidi (who herself is a gay man of color and a drag performer), and I am not surprised nor am I upset that she used a racial epithet after she was brutally assaulted. I hope these women and the bystanders who stood and instigated are tried for their heinous crimes… I had just hoped that we as a people, and by that I mean the human race, really looked deep within ourselves and question our own ignorance before using this disgusting crime as an excuse to spew out hateful and ignorant garbage over the internet.

  • worst thing is the guy filming it. Represent.

  • This is absolutely disgusting behavior. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, pink, green or blue. Straight, gay or bi. No one should ever be physically assaulted because they chose wear what they deem as beautiful. It's 20-f***ing-13 and it's so heartbreaking to see that people still behave this way. I'm really hoping that they get what's coming to them.

  • I think that most upsetting thing about this whole thing is that NO ONE intervened or even tried to help. This should never had escalated to that point. Those women need to be in prison since they clearly have some unresolved violent tendencies.

  • I hope that the 2 attackers spend a very long time in prison for their hate crime.
    I am disgusted by the entire episode from the moron who was egging on the attackers and filming the incident to the bystanders who did nothing to aid the victim of the attack.

  • what a shame in the big city! people from New york I mean I think the black woman came from africa where is prohibited to be gay! or maybe a cute Drag stole her Boyfriend because gay people its much better in bed than those fat ass!

  • The guy filming need to check his color, what a piece of shit looser.

  • fucking stupid niggers, string them all up in a noose and let them hang from a fucking tree.

  • Wow..i was really angry that the performer was hurt, especially when i saw that her friends didn't even jump in to help her out. I said "i hope they catch the girls who.." …then i saw what he said about nappy-headed N's. i no longer care

  • And in reading these comments, an ugly truth about the Gay community is clear. There is more racism within the Gay community than people want to admit to, or talk about.

  • It disgusting to see this and just looking at them do that to him was just I cant even explain and the guy filming its just sad to see this and they look so proud of what there doing all this hate will never stop.

  • some shitty people should not exist, those animals , specially the guy filming should die, and don't come on with the woman respect, those whores are not ladys, and in a fight a woman always has the law in her favor, black bitches allways start fight and then pull the race card.

  • I don't think their poor behavior excuses his. Nor do I think it justifies their violence. Both parties are in the wrong, but it kinda goes to show just because you are a member of one minority doesn't guarantee empathy for the plight of another. Basically that was a shit show.

  • Stupid ignorants Cunts!!

  • Am I the only one who wants to knock out the guy recording?
    That subway would have an entirely new problem if I was there witnessing this asshole pulling shit like that.

  • Oh my goddess, America! What the hell is wrong with you? What's the point of promoting that everyone is different but equal if you're not even going to practice what you preach?

  • why is it always the black women causing problems.

  • The guy in drag wasn't to classy either. The argument escalated as soon as he spit on the black girls face.

  • stupid ass getto niggers who need to be locked the fuck up.

  • I never, EVER, comment on this stuff and believe me you when I say NEVER… BUT… As a gay latino coming from the Bronx, NY, then moving to Harrisonburg, VA, joining the Army, then leaving the Army and living in DC… No Offense but anything south from DC and on, I, have never and once again, EVER, faced more RACISM, IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY and just plain DISCRIMINATION and HYPOCRISY since living in DC or VA from another minority. Trust me I see the flaws in every race and that word is absolutely appropriate for the majority of the ratchet ass imbeciles that walk these streets… get over it! Do you see immigrants holding grudges? NO! On the contrary, these minorities make fun of the accents and the race… so no, I don't care for the white guilt or for a grudge they've held about something THEIR ANCESTORS have been through, their grandparents would have had more CLASS and would most likely be ASHAMED of these present behaviors, I don't care how you feel that the word is inappropriate, it is appropriate, tell this ratchetness to look in the mirror first and then think twice. I have best friends in all races and I would call each and every one of them out if I had to, sometimes people just need to be reminded of it (every race), even if it is a devils advocate, it's just the truth. Let me be clear, not all people are that awful word, some of my bests friends are black/african american but there are those who overshadow the best in all of us, worldstarhiphop needs to be torn to shreds. Love to all ♥ Also Tim Morin, there is more to that definition,

    • I've met just as many ignorant and bigoted Latinos. Yet I'm not going to sit here (like you did to blacks).. and hold out a grudge against every Latin person who has done me wrong. Should every ignorant Hispanic person be called a SPIC, WETBACK or ILLEGAL??!? BTW most immigrants that arrived to the US were and most still are of WHITE/European heritage (eve Latinos) so…. (let that marinate for a second). While blacks continued to get shitted on 100+ yrs after slavery. White guilt?!?! Look here…Most blacks people aren't waiting for a white person to reach out they're fucking hand to them… another thing… I believe the word you was looking for was NIGGER. Isn't that right FAGGOT?

      • You better read that Boricua! Many Puerto Ricans and other Latinos are considered white in this country and in Latin America or Puerto Rico.

  • Stop acting stupid people. You're making the rest of us look bad.

  • So the idiot who filmed this just filmed himself instigating violence (“hey, beat her ass!”)? I hope he gets prosecuted too.

  • I hope they catch these two Girls!

    And I hop the workers who did nothing Get fired!

  • He spat on the black woman first. After that, she retaliated and her friend jumped in. Absent from this story is the fact that he also told the women that because they made him bleed, "now you have AIDS, bitch! Go to the clinic!" You don't get to spit on people and think that they are supposed to turn the other cheek.

  • I do not condone violence but at the same time, it is stories like this that disturb me. To me, gay men doing drag is holding the legitimate transsexual community back in the 1960s and is in many ways preventing new legislation from being passed. When drag artists and weekend crossdressers are put into the same category as those with a medical diagnosis, we run into the roadblocks like we have in Maryland and even negative legislation like in Arizona ("we can not have that behavior."). It's time for the gay community to stop assaulting the trans community from the inside by mocking us and other women with their "performances". Drag is holding back trans rights.. simple as that. Find a new act.

  • To the victim of this horrible hate crime and the stabing in SE this past weekend, my love and support as you emerge a survivor of these hateful individuals, please seek support so you don’t have to deal with this alone. I and many others have already supported others going thru situations.
    To the owner and manager of many and Olga’s SHAME ON YOU, for years you have allowed and patronized hate against our community allowing your straight patrons commit hate crimes against us, right before your eyes and you have never stepped up against this kind of behavior @ your establishment, your businnes license should be revoked immediately.

    To the LGBT community, please be aware of your surroundings, please take precautions so you dont become the next target. Never walk alone specially when you are expressing yourself outside of the gender norms that society imposes on us.
    Hate against LGBT people in this city has no color, race, economic background, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity and or expression. Please be aware of this.

    In the eyes and hearts of haters homophobia and Transphobia is alive and until the authorities and the lgbt community don’t stand together to say enough is enough and we demand respect for our community, we demand actions from our government such as enforcement of current hate crimes laws on the books, more education and awareness campaings of the effects of this hate crimes on our community and society in general, we will continue enduring more hate from those who feed homophobia and transphobia based on our lack of action.
    Everyone is invited to the DC center this Friday at 5:30pm to take action against this hateful
    Crimes against us.
    Be there, don’t allow hate against us continue.

  • While this entire video is quite disturbing I am a lot concerned by DeNiro's comment to the women "You made me bleed, you got AIDS NOW".

  • In this day and age, why people just stand around and do nothing is unbelievable!! A room full of people against 2 disgustingly acting, sick crazed women who most probably

  • Jelous because he look better than the two girls who looked more than a man than he did!!! Hate crime and assault should and will not be tolerated at all!!! X

  • Arm yourselves. It’s only going to get worse under Fascist rule

  • I would never hit a lady…but these were no ladies. I would have socked them in the gift basket and just taken my time in jail if it came to that.

  • Totally a hate crime. These two women + the videographer should be facing lengthy multi year jail sentences. the onlookers cheering disgust me.

  • shocking…..and the fool with the camera….what a annoying tool.

  • Aaaand they're black.

  • disgusting people I hope he sues the shit out of them and that dubm ass filming the hole thing what stupid ignorant people and the most surprising is that it was a black and latina women they should know the most what it feels like to be in that position I hope they go to jail for a long time!

  • He spit in her face. That's trouble where I come from…

  • This is disgusting and I feel bad that he was attacked by these crazy bitches. He is a man and hitting one of them he would have been persecuted.. Hope he is feeling better..

  • If you would like to contribute to Miles defense fund. http://www.gofundme.com/3en1w4

    • that is fucking bullshit i am so enraged after watching that shit they all need to be sued. they need the fuck sued out of them. I am in the same situation right now as I was beat by a gang of men for no reason at all. I am broke as fuck or I would donate but miles needs to get in contact with a victims advocate because this is so not fair at all. the women need to be in jail along with the person who took the video. so fucked up

  • I came here to show my support Miles because I consider him a part of my community, I’m a trans man who happens to be black and live in DC. But I am disgusted at the comments on this thread so much so that I cannot not leave a condolence because the negativity here is so outrageous. Instead of sending consoling words to Miles you send messages of hate to continue to fuel his anger. You send these messages of hate to a man that was beaten in a public place where about a dozen bystanders stood by laughing and making jokes and among these bystanders were his friends who could be seen in the back ground not doing anything to stop the madness. It hurts my heart to read such hatred, it hurts my heart even more to read such hatred from citizens that live in the same city as I do. I wish peace on all of you who wrote mean, hateful and spiteful responses on this thread because your going to need it in the days to come when this goes to court and all the tantalizing details are published. To support someone you should be supportive in not just words but action and right now I don’t see a much support for Miles.

  • If only the drag performer had not make a move by spitting her face. Even though the women touched his face without consent. So they both both wrong on all level

  • Guess it,s wait and see what happens next after two comments I posted.

  • What is wrong with people? I realize that everyone is different, and you don't have to agree with the things that other people do, but it is not your place to judge. If you don't like someone's lifestyle, stay away from them. People like this are so quick to judge gay people, but in doing that the way these two women did, they make THEMSELVES out to be animals. " DO NOT JUDGE ME FOR THE SPLINTER IN MY EYE, WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE FOR THE TREE IN YOURS".

  • Okay hold up! I don't condone the fight and the verbal abuse was wrong. A few things about this that need to be said. This oh the poor gay guy act is ridiculous. The responsibility for this hot mess is shared. I've been on stages all over the country. DC, VA, and MA among them. In a career that has spanned over 20 years so I know what I am talking about when it comes to drag.

    Some places you don't go in drag because it's not safe. Its just the world we live in. To think otherwise is obtuse. This is the rule in a large city and most of all in a city like DC. This queen was not in DuPont Circle and should have know better than to put him self in that type of environment. Also when you spit in someone's face you need to be able to back that up. I don't give a damn what they are calling you. If you spit in someone's face THEY ARE GOING TO SWING EVERY TIME.

    Clearly that queen was not alone. He was talking and the article about the people behind the counter; when he needs to be talking about the people he walked in the door with. I'm talking about the big bitch in the plaid shirt holding the pizza with the face full of paint. So why didn't his friends step up he said he had two and they drove him home? Do I expect the people who didn't know him to do anything, I don't. I expect the ones who did know him and were just getting out of the way to have done something. His friend should have jumped in and pulled one of those girls off of him. Or said we have our food fuck these bitches lets go. That guy is not a friend and shoulders much of the responsibility for this.

    This was ugly all the way around. And proof that two wrongs do not make a right.

  • they will pay for this! discusting behaviour! and what's with the guy cheering like its fun.

  • The women should be charged with serious assault, and the man filming it should be charged with inciting violence.
    I'm inclined to believe that there should also be a lesser charge for those who stand around and are seen cheering such violence on.

  • That black girl was losing till her friend stepped in.

  • those women had no right to touch/harass her, but if you spit in someone's face, you should know how to fight or run fast in heels.

  • ..and in the old days when this was done to a black person..how quick they forget what it was like? do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • Nobody helped the drag. That is a shame.

  • I must be confused by all the comments here. I've read this story previously and this seems like a drunken brawl. This is being made into LGBT issue however there were both racial and homphobic slurs tossed from both parties. Additionally the drag performer initiated contact by SPITTING on one of the women and in turn was attacked back. I am disgusted by all their behavior, just horrible. But what bothers me most is the lack of concern for those standing around watching this and didn't pull the women off the drag performer and the fact the drag performer has HIV and chose to BITE one of the women. ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE ARRESTED.

  • Let's just get some of the facts right before you go commenting. According to the article, the women touched DeNiro's face first and slapped him twice before he spit on them.

    Next, someone said that he shouldn't be in drag in that "area" unless he was on the job. He just finished the job performing, was getting a quick bite next at Manny's which is close by. I live in DC. 14th street where Manny's is located, is not a dangerous place to be in drag. After all, the Black Cat where the show was held, is also right there.

    Also, DeNiro did not bite them and then later tell them they would catch AIDS. He was using it as a comeback line to say that they made him bleed and they will have AIDS touching his blood.

    I have nothing to say about the N word. I'm just going to say, an an Asian American, America still has a long way to go when it comes to racism, homophobia and every thing else that segregates us as a country. We are supposed to be the most advance country blah blah blah, but we're still tied down to insane beliefs of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation. It is VERY sad. We are not as "Oh the Great America" as we think we are.

    Watching the video upset me on many levels. Though it was probably a drunken brawl when it comes down to it, it brings the worst and the ugliest out of people. Actually it really brings out how people REALLY feel about things, and in this case, DeNiro is prejudiced against the black girl, the women are prejudiced about gay men and and transsexuals, the idiot filming it and the rest of the crowd just wants to see a man in a dress get beat up. No one is completely in the right here. If we can't keep our ugliness to ourselves, just leave everyone alone!

    My biggest kudos goes to the 2 men that separated the fight whoever they are.

    I really wish that in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, HOPEFULLY, this kinda of embarrassment and immaturity will go away. Wishful thinking.

  • Carrie Thunderpumps Blackshaw

    There were other queens in there too. Why wouldn't they help a fellow queen out. All of this makes me sick. We still have a long way to go.

  • Everything about this annoyed me on so many levels.

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