April 17, 2016 at 10:06 pm EST | by Chris Johnson
Kasich: LGBT people who face discrimination should ‘get over it’
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Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) said LGBT people who face discrimination should “just for a second get over it.” (Washington Blade photo by Chris Johnson)

John Kasich continues to seek a middle ground on LGBT rights compared to other Republican presidential candidates, although he thinks LGBT people who face discrimination should “just for a second get over it.”

The Ohio governor made the remarks during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash that aired Sunday on “State of the Union” in response to a question on whether he would take steps against state anti-LGBT laws like the one recently passed in Mississippi.

Kasich initially replied he wouldn’t take steps against those laws, then added, “I haven’t even been asked that or thought about it.”

Urging people to “calm down,” the governor said the country needs to protect religious liberty, but also can’t allow discrimination, so must “strike a balance” on the issue.

“What I like to say is, just relax, if you don’t like what somebody is doing, pray for them,” Kasich said. “And if you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just for a second get over it because this thing will settle down?”

Kasich lamented the issue has “become a wedge issue that can be exploited by people on both sides,” saying the country should be the United States and not the “Divided States.”

The 2016 hopeful made the remarks after saying he “wouldn’t have signed” North Carolina’s controversial anti-LGBT law and dismissing Mississippi’s new law that enables anti-LGBT discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

TJ Helmstetter, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, said Kasich is trying to have it both ways on the issue of anti-LGBT discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

“Either you’re for discrimination, or you’re against it,” Helmstetter said. “To tell LGBT victims of discrimination to ‘just relax’ and ‘get over it’ is disrespectful, outrageous, and not the kind of leadership expected from a credible presidential candidate.”

Helmstetter concluded, “Trump and Cruz may make a lot of people look reasonable by comparison, but Kasich is no ‘moderate.’ He’s certainly no friend to the LGBT community.”

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  • Perhaps, take a second and breath is good advice to those who pass these pro-discrimination laws.

  • “And if you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just for a second get over it because this thing will settle down?”

    We’re still waiting for the Republican part to settle the f— down about our families. It’s only been decades now.

  • how can this guy get away with what he is saying and doing we should get over it dont think so there is a loght of gay peopple in usa and we are not going to back down with a fight this is dascremunation and i dont under stand how they can pass laws like this

    • Because this teeters the line between unlawfully doing something and unlawful action on the part of the federal government forcing private citizens to do something against their will. Taking away a person’s rights and freedom of choice in the name of placating the feelings of 1% of the population is both un-American and potentially unconstitutional.

      The system is geared towards minimal government interference in order to maximize personal freedom. If freedom wins, LGBT can go down the street to a different business. If anti descrimination wins, individuals will face legal defamation of character and destruction of their livelihood over a difference of opinion, the very antithesis of a free society.

      • LGBT population is closer to 3%. But that is not the point that you entirely miss. Are you talking about the America of 1850 in saying the “system if geared towards minimal governmental interference.” Desegregation, fair housing, fair employment with regard to racial minorities only occurred because of government interference!

        • All that would have happened regardless. Forcing it to occur faster was just an unnecessary power grab. Legislating morality is immoral.

          And by that I was talking about the constitutional republic in which we live, under which law all rights and liberties are inherent to the individual by virtue of their mere existence, and the only ability that the federal government holds to affect those rights and liberties is to restrict and remove them. You cannot legislate a persons opinion on morality, you can only educate them and let their bigoted generation pass into the pages of history. To do otherwise is to foster resentment and promote that hatred for generations to come.

          • Ryan,

            I would ask you to reexamine our history, not in the “ideal” sense but in what actually happened. The fact is that slavery would likely still exist in Mississippi if it weren’t for the Civil War. At the least, serious state sanctioned segregation and miscegenation laws would still exist if it weren’t for federal action brought about by protests in the 1950’6 and 1960’s. After all, Mississippi still has the Confederate symbol in its state flag and refused to change it just two years ago.

          • Oh please, American slavery was unsustainable. It had already started collapsing in on itself and wouldn’t have made it to the 1900’s, much less 2016. It only ended sooner because the Republicans saw it as an opportune excuse to invade the South and force unification. And yes, we all know how tightly Democrats clung to their Jim Crow laws and KKK lynch mobs.

            Also, the South saw the Bars as a symbol of States rights being overrun by Federal overreach, and to this day remains a symbol of Southern pride and defiance against tyranny. It’s a part of their heritage, and if they want to display their pride, that’s their choice. The only ones who view it as a symbol of racism are those that find it politically expedient to do so, and the weak minded consumers of media whose only opinion is whatever they see and hear expressed on television.

          • Yes, slavery was ended almost everywhere that the Western world controlled in the early 19th century EXCEPT the U.S. It took the Civil War to do that. Even though slavery was becoming less economically advantageous, it still was to a totally plantation based economy like Mississippi’s.

            Mississippi gets more from the federal government in tax moneys than any other state compared to what it puts into federal income taxes. The more tolerant “donor” states like CA, MA, NY etc. actually help keep Mississippi’s terrible economy afloat. Why shouldn’t they then have a say in how Mississippi conducts its affairs??

          • Ah, the sticky question indeed! I’m actually rather opposed to federal tax money going to the states in any circumstance except a state of emergency. This is essentially an ongoing bailout to prevent bankruptcy, in which case yes, corrective input could indeed to considered to be part of the terms of the bailout. It’s a miniature version of Greece and their economic collapse, and the EU imposing terms on them. Or a miniature of the federal government itself, for that matter. I had forgotten about that particular facet.

      • Freedom of choice does not let you discriminate, and not letting you discriminate isn’t a matter of freedom.

        Most people fixate on the wedding cake or service issue, but fail to see the actual point.

        If you are a baker who publicly sells red, blue, or yellow cakes and a person comes in asking for a yellow cake, you can’t refuse to sell them a yellow cake, even if you disagree with what they are.

        You can’t say ”I won’t sell you a yellow cake, but I’ll sell you this red one.” It’s still discrimination. If you sell yellow cakes to anyone, you have to sell them to everyone.

        That’s the way it was with interracial marriage, that’s the way it’s gonna be with gay marriage.

  • Pointless political posturing pursuing propaganda points. Congrats John, if your daughters unintentionally get pregnant, sexually harassed, or denied the same pay as their male counterparts, just tell them to get over it. Then you take a deep breath.

  • “get over it”……would he have told Rosa Parks to “get over it”, or the slaves in the southern states to “get over it”. Hey Kasich, I realize you are a stupid gop neocon republicslime, but which part of ALL in the phrase LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL is the difficult part for you?

    • He took a neutral stance, he didn’t care to take the stance of liberty and justice for all and stand with the religious freedom laws, the only side of this debate that doesn’t restrict and possibly destroy the life of a person over a difference of opinion.

      • Do you think that the same policy was right at the time of slavery? Take a neutral stance so that nobody’s life is destroyed over somebody’s opinion (pro-slavery in this case).

  • Maybe people with ” deeply held” religious beliefs should get over them.

  • John Kasich, “just for a second get over it.” WHY!!!???

    So your Republicans can get your Lying Ways in effect, if WE Did it. You sir are one Arrogant Lying Republican, Ignorant of how Our Society is starting to see your GOP Motives.

  • Typical Republican stance. that discrimination is business as usual. He lost me with the rape comments. Moron!

  • I can’t wait to see the reaction to signs reading, “Due to our deeply held beliefs, we do not provide service to christians.”

  • Might we say about religious idiots who try to force their Bronze Age bullsplat onto the rest of us?

  • Less than one third of one percent of Americans identify as trans-gender, according to a recent New York Times (liberal) survey. Perhaps our focus should be on issues which affect more than, say, 1% of the population of the country.

  • and yet he is the ONLY one on the republican side who has even a sliver of compassion or rationality. Sad what the republican party has sunk to.

  • When asked, Kasich replied “I haven’t even been asked that or thought about it.”


    • He’s governor of state while this hotly contested legislation is passing in state after state – hasn’t thought of it.

      John Kasich would be Donald Trump with three drinks in him.

  • It would seem that Kasich’s statement the final nail in the coffin of the Log Cabin Republicans. Having heard little from them in recent years, I did just find their website in which they criticize both Cruz and Trump for their stances–or lack of them–on gay marriage. If Kasich was their hoped for alternative, I guess he too disappointed their following that seems either pretty dumb or self-loathing.

    • Thanks for the update on the Log Closet Republican position – since I rarely bother to check out what they have to say. My bet: They will *still* be in favor of Kaisch. Really – his position matches theirs – Back and forth compromise and accommodation between the self-hating the haters.

  • Not getting the interview here with Kasich. He has been the best of the 3. Cruz is a theocrat and Trump well you know.

  • So if your “deeply held” religious belief says it’s ok to discriminate against gay people, just for being gay, maybe you should take a good, hard look at your religion…

  • Wait staff, how does Kasich tip?

  • And he’s the remaining hope of some GOPers to stop Cruz and Trump? Ha!

  • Who cares! This LBGT is just a mere distraction. No one should even know what you do in your bed (or wherever you do it)

  • Kasich tell religious conservatives to calm down and get over marriage equality! We won the issue in court! Stop whining about religious liberty and using it as an excuse to discriminate against GLBT.

    This proves that none of the GOP Presidential contenders get it or can be trusted to support our rights and enforce them. Voting Democratic is a matter of self-preservation and defense!

  • We might have a new world’s record – the guy is wrong three times in just two sentences. To the anti-GLBT folks: Pray for the sinners. To the pro-GLBT folks: Deal with it. To everyone: Doing nothing is the best action. As a bonus, he says this can become a wedge issue – and with differing “advice” for each side, he makes it so!

  • Where can I find a Satanic bathroom? My religious freedoms require a bathroom for which I can unleash the spawn of Satan upon this realm.

  • Governor Kasich, I want you to imagine THIS happening to your daughter or granddaughter. It’s what the parents of transgender kids deal with every day.


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