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    Lesbian wife suddenly wants to become a mom no matter what

    Couple reaches stalemate over whether or not to start a family

    November 30th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Ultimatum about being out rattles young man

    Parents threaten to pull funding if he chooses to ‘live a gay life’

    November 15th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Serodiscordant gay couple at odds over barebacking

    Neg bottom won’t let poz boyfriend top him sans condom

    November 2nd | by Michael Radkowsky


    Lesbian troubled by brother’s anti-LGBT politics

    She wonders how to proceed with relationship given ‘hateful and bigoted’ views

    October 16th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Gay couple at impasse over threesome request

    Boyfriend won’t let menage a trois suggestion die

    October 4th | by Michael Radkowsky


    GAY ADVICE: Older gay man feels life passed him by

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life; it’s never too late

    September 20th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Should one angry shove be a deal-breaker?

    Angry confrontation leads lesbian to reconsider six-month relationship

    September 8th | by Michael Radkowsky


    Gay D.C. newbie frustrated by hookup culture

    ‘No one I’ve met really wants to talk about anything’

    August 23rd | by Michael Radkowsky

    Dear Michael, I’ve been with Karl for three years and we’ve always partied occasionally, mainly with...

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