April 28, 2017 at 4:04 pm EDT | by Gerard Burley
Tackling the intangibles in fitness

fitness intangibles, gay news, Washington BladeSummer is around the corner and now more than ever people are more aware of their bodies. I like to call it “get right” season because everyone is trying to get it right and tight.

This means many goals are being set for flat tummies, rock hard abs, tight booties, chiseled arms and that magazine body that we all would love to have. As much as I love people setting goals toward improved fitness levels and a sexier body, it’s important to value out the success of your program in ways outside of physique.

The body is unpredictable and even when you do everything right, sometimes the body doesn’t respond how you want it to. So it’s important to recognize the successes that you are achieving outside of physical achievements that will keep you feeling engaged and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

While the rest of the fitness world is going to flood you with magazine articles and YouTube videos on how be the hottest girl or gurl at the beach, I’m going to challenge you to look a little deeper and teach you how to turn your summer goals into lifestyle intangible goals. Today let’s tap into my top four intangible results that you get from dedicating yourself to getting fitter and healthier.

Confidence galore

Confidence is my number one most important reason to start and stay in a workout program. I’m talking real confidence that is built by repeatedly trying new things and accomplishing things that you aren’t sure you can achieve. Like lifting that weight that is heavier than you’re used to lifting, completing that extra mile on your run or going into that inversion in yoga class when upside down is not your forte. It’s better to build confidence by overcoming plateaus you didn’t think you could than focusing on physique results alone.

Stepping outside your comfort zone

In the gym, as in real life, the comfort zone is the place where no growth happens. If you do the same workout at the same weight in the same order of course, your progress will halt. This rule also applies true for your personal and emotional growth. It’s always a great moment when I see clients start to embrace trying new things in the gym and I see it start to bleed into their personal lives. As you are progressing through your workout, reflect on how you have changed emotionally to be more comfortable with the uncomfortable. The ability to adapt outside of what we are used to helps us to cope with stressors better.


How much can you take? Can you push through? Each day that you enter your workout is a day that you build up a little more resilience. Exercise thrives on the idea that you will put a little more load on your body than you did before and that the body will in turn respond making you stronger. The part we often ignore is the fact that we also are building up our mental strength each time we commit to getting to our workout, every time we say yes to something we normally would say no too, and each time our body says quit but we find strength to push through anyway. This resilience is what makes us live our best lives in and out of the gym so remember to reflect on how you have achieved the power of resilience as you have progressed.


Staying consistent is key to success in so many aspects of life but it’s paramount to seeing results within your exercise program. Over my years of training the biggest difference between those who reach their goals and those who don’t has to be one that some stay consistent over time and the others don’t.  I’ve also learned that learning to be consistent is a skill that is built in by constantly having systems in place to help keep you accountable. It’s always great when I have clients over years who I remember would never do any workouts outside of our sessions who now enjoy working out on their own. They have built up the skill set to get their workouts in without guidance and this can be a skill of discipline that moves throughout all parts of their life. Discipline starts in the gym and moves everywhere.

Entering dedicated exercise routine can be the catalyst to improving your confidence, stepping out of your comfort zone, building resilience and learning consistency. Of course, the physical benefits to exercise are always fun to see, but remember those achievements may only surface depending on many factors. To stay engaged, look at the gamut of improvements that you get by being part of a consistent program.

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