January 19, 2018 at 9:24 am EST | by David Magida
Working out with friends yields exponential benefits
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Pushing each other and friendly competition are among the numerous rewards to working out with friends.

Fitness, just like life, is not something that should be approached alone. Sure, you can go about a routine independently and potentially see results. But you would be missing a few critical elements: the push of a training partner during each workout as well as each day; the motivation and programming of a coach who can keep you accountable, focused and aimed in the right direction; and of course, a social circle of fellow athletes who share similar goals and a similar mindset as you.

You can succeed alone, no question. If you set your mind to it, make a plan and commit, you can achieve results. But, if you don’t have to do it alone, why would you?

If you’ve never trained with a partner or team, you’re missing out on a key element of the process. In partners and teammates we have people who keep us accountable to show up each and every day. You won’t skip workouts if you have plans to meet people to do it. You won’t want to let them down. You’ll also find you push each other throughout each workout.

No more getting comfortable or lackadaisical. When you are training side by side with someone, you’ll run faster, lift heavier and increase your tempo throughout. You’ll be motivated to add another set, to do the things that aren’t as fun and to stick with it for longer each day. And you’ll find yourself competing a bit. After all, competition can bring the best out in us. So step one should be to find yourself a training partner.

The perks of training partners go vastly beyond just the physical and mental boost to your workout routine. Your workouts can become part of your social routine. You’ll find yourself eager to train because it becomes the most entertaining part of your day. A group of likeminded individuals who are training with similar purpose and mindset can lead to powerful and lasting friendships.

Your social circle of fitness fanatics will challenge you to be better. You’ll find yourself eating better, drinking less and thinking about being better prepared for your upcoming workouts. You won’t be able to help but be excited for your workouts and about the ones you’ve completed. The feeling of accomplishment you gain from your workouts will be multiplied as you and your friends relive them after. That’s a special thing to have.

Finally, if you’re truly taking your training seriously, you need a coach. Look at all the professional athletes out there. They all have coaches. In fact, most of them have numerous coaches. You had coaches in childhood, through high school, maybe even as a collegiate athlete. So why, when you’re older and your time is limited and more valuable, are you adamant about training on your own? 

Let a coach help you. They can write programming for you, which saves you time and gets to the point, keeping you training toward your goals. A coach will keep you accountable to put in the tough workouts. They can motivate you during your workout. A coach will make you do the little things you might not be able to push yourself to do on your own. And they want you to succeed as badly as you do.

You may be able to do it on your own. To train and see results, to be motivated each day and to work hard. But if you can truly go all in without anybody’s help or push, you are a unique individual. For most, it’s impossible to give as much effort when nobody else is watching to keep you on task.

Find a coach, a training facility, or even just a group of friends who share similar goals to you. See how your entire perception of fitness changes as you draw motivation from the people around you. And take your success to another level.

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