February 18, 2014 at 3:00 pm EST | by Christopher Dyer
Muriel Bowser’s vision includes all eight wards
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D.C. Council Member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

It is with great pride that I strongly support Muriel Bowser and encourage all Washingtonians to vote for her in the Democratic primary on April 1, 2014. I have lived in Washington for more than 35 years and had the privilege of working for a mayor and serving as an ANC commissioner. What I have learned from those experiences is that our great city needs a leader with passion, determination and a willingness to hold people accountable regardless of personal loyalty or political expediency. We need a leader who understands that unifying the city takes more than putting a logo on government letterhead. We need a leader who isn’t satisfied with maintaining the status quo and has a vision for the future of our great city. Muriel Bowser is that kind of leader, which is why I support her.

I met Muriel during the 2006 Fenty campaign. She and I knocked on countless doors and helped him win the election. She was elected to replace him as the city Council member representing Ward 4 and has provided outstanding service to her constituents and been a vocal champion for economic development throughout the city. Muriel is a fifth generation Washingtonian who received her master’s degree in public policy from American University. Prior to serving on the Council, Muriel worked with Montgomery County government on economic development issues and helped develop plans for the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring. She also served her neighbors as an ANC Commissioner prior to joining the Council.

In 2011, Muriel authored and guided into law several comprehensive ethics reform bills. These reforms created the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, consolidated ethics laws into a single code of conduct, and required all City Council and other government meetings to be open to the public. In 2013, Muriel created Kids Ride Free, legislation allowing all D.C. students free bus rides to school in order to remove a barrier to attendance.

Muriel has been a strong advocate for our community. She voted for the marriage equality bill, held hearings on combating school bullying and co-introduced recently passed legislation that will provide additional resources for homeless LGBT youth.

Each election provides us with an opportunity to choose how we want to grow as a city. I have a great deal of respect for Mayor Gray and it would be folly not to acknowledge the support he has provided the LGBT community. That being said, I am disappointed in his challenges in presenting a compelling vision for the rest of this city. Supporters of Mayor Gray are absolutely correct when they state that this election is not about what happened in 2010. The shadow of that campaign provided a distraction that has made it difficult for him to govern. Mayor Gray takes great pride in restoring our fiscal reserves yet seemed blindsided by a growing problem with homeless families. It is great that we are well respected on Wall Street but that is cold comfort to those that are struggling. Mayor Gray is a very loyal leader. That loyalty is one of his most admirable traits but it is costing the city when he stands by agency directors whose slow reaction to crisis might put citizens’ lives in danger.

As mayor, Muriel Bowser will create a city that is second to none in providing economic opportunity to everyone and will help prepare District residents for high-paying jobs. She will lead a government that respects the great diversity of our city and speeds up school reform. She will be a champion of local business and wants to take steps to reduce the barriers to their success. She will hire agency directors who are committed to providing world-class city services.  She will continue to promote the restoration of unimpeachable ethics to city government. She will once again make D.C. proud across all eight wards. Please help this city move forward and vote for Muriel Bowser on April 1.

  • What has Muriel done in relation to the LGBT community recently? Nothing, besides hire (and subsequently fire) Mr. King – the anti-gay marriage activist.

    If you vote based on LGBT issues, vote for any of the other candidates that actually have a strong record of supporting LGBT rights. Vincent Gray or Jack Evans fit the bill.

  • Unfortunately, Muriel Bowser’s “vision” for LGBTs includes another coronation of Vince Gray’s institutionally homophobic and transphobic police chief.

    If we want to encourage more anti-LGBT hate crimes, hate crimes police stats coverups and more MPD biased policing, then Bowser may be your candidate.

    If we want a political cult-of-personality to continue to embarrass and cast doubt on DC’s police department, then Bowser may be your candidate.

    At least Bowser’s campaign DID have the good sense to try to distance itself from the homophobic record of Bob King (and it’s not surprising who came to Bob King’s rescue) …

    But as a mayoral candidate who has a robust advocacy and true affinity for LGBT rights and LGBT public safety– we’ve hardly heard anything at all from Muriel Bowser.

  • I get so frustrated when it go into areas of Adam Morgan and I see fixing old buildings instead of trying to build parking spaces it make not sense more building and not spaces for parking is like small house with a big family please do something. ..

  • The GLAA gave Tommy Wells a 9.5 out of 10 rating for his work on the council as it relates to the LGBT community here in DC. Surely he should be considered for mayor over Bowser.

  • Child Please Gray is going to win and YOU ALL KNOW THIS!

  • this fellow BRIAN espouses a lot of unsubstantiated nonsense. He always manages to knock people down, conveniently hiding behind his anonymity. His posts are unworthy of response. BRIAN is a coward. He is ashamed of his own name. oh, one more thing. Chris, you are soooo correct! ***GRAY 2014***

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