December 15, 2016 at 2:26 pm EST | by Mariah Cooper
Trump inauguration singer bullied online over trans sister
(Screenshot via YouTube.)

(Screenshot via YouTube.)

Opera singer Jackie Evancho, who will be singing the national anthem at Donald Trump’s inauguration, is facing an onslaught of criticism because she has a transgender sister.

Jackie, 16, received her big break when she was a finalist on season five of “America’s Got Talent” at 10 years old. Her sister Juliet, 18, came out as transgender at Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala last year.

Juliet penned an essay, published on Wednesday, for Teen Vogue describing her struggles with gender identity.

“Jackie’s newfound fame put our entire family under a microscope. This made things even more difficult for me,” Juliet writes. “Now, I not only worried about what my family thought of me, but I also worried about some trashy magazine trying to make a spectacle out of me if they found out, and it hurting my family.”

According to the Huffington Post, Juliet is also one of three transgender students suing a Pennsylvania school district over restroom access for transgender students.

The essay, along with Jackie’s inauguration announcement, has brought lots of negative online attention to the Evancho family. People reports users have tweeted abuse at the young singer for having a trans sister.

“My family is kind of a big target. I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us,” Jackie said in an interview with People.

However, Jackie is doing her best to ignore the negativity.

“I also get a lot of love. We pay most attention to that,” Jackie continued.

Jackie has also performed twice for President Barack Obama. First, in 2010 she performed at the National Christmas Tree Lightening and again in 2012 at the National Prayer Breakfast.


  • So now the Blade has been reduced to not just fabricating totally false stories, but actually lying. There is not one example of Trump supporters harassing this woman. In fact, the People magazine article linked to says the social media criticism has come from Trump’s “detractors.” (That’s the opposite of “supporters.”)

    • I’m pretty sure the People article will get corrected. It’s clear the sister as well as Jackie herself, has received abuse, and it was because the sister is trans.

      • Even if the People article meant to say “supporters” rather than “detractors” it doesn’t offer a single example. There is no justification whatsoever for the Blade’s fear-mongering headline. If gays want to take a stand against fake news, and support responsible journalism, condemning this piece is a good place to start.

        • For crying out loud, Glenn! Its a short essay by a high school student and published in “Teen Vogue”. Like most articles in that sort of magazine its written to fit below and/or around pictures. Her audience is other teen girls,

          She is not a journalist. If you demand that it meet the professional journalist standard you will be disappointed.

          Its easy to believe that Juliet is receiving flack from the thuggish element and Jackie too. Trans women receive an awful lot of abuse from the ignorant and intolerant. The same goes for anyone close to the trans person.

  • You have to wonder why an attractive teenage girl like Jackie would want to be in the same building (let alone the same room) as President Grabem.

  • I hope she gets paid upfront in cash.

  • “My family is kind of a big target. I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us” …. Is it totally lost on her that Trump chose a notorious anti-LGBTQ person for VP and Trump himself has spewed hate toward so many people???

  • “And a child shall lead them” Teen phenome stands strong in her commitment to sing for the President elect. The Evancho’s are the perfect example of a loving, accepting LGBT family. She is a friend to the environment and animal rights activist The title song “Someday at Christmas” of her new album is anti war and discrimination! Jackie as do many, believe art should transcend politics. And the Trump people know all this! Any attacks on this little American jewel is the pinnacle of hypocrisy!

    The Pope:
    New Album:
    Merry Christmas:
    Wikipedia can give you the basics on the Evancho’s.

    Sky is the limit for this 16 year old Pennsylvania school girl and attempts to destroy her is fascism in it purest form.

    If we let them hurt this little girl, folks…… we’re bums the lot of us, and that’s plain enough for anyone to see!

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