April 27, 2017 at 5:57 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
NOM’s anti-LGBT ‘March for Marriage’ set for June 17
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The March for Marriage is set for June 17 in D.C. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

The annual anti-gay “March for Marriage” in Washington D.C. will take place on June 17, the anti-LGBT organization behind the event announced in an email blast Wednesday.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization of Marriage, says in the email blast his organization continues its mission to oppose same-sex marriage nearly two years after the the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality nationwide.

“The March for Marriage is an important event to keep the fight to restore marriage in the public eye,” the email blast says. “It was in 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court issued their illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges imposing gay ‘marriage’ on the nation and unleashing a flood of consequences for the overwhelming majority of Americans who continue to revere marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

The email blast doesn’t indicate where in D.C. the march will take place, but in years past the event has transpired on the National Mall.

Brown, soliciting donations in the email of up to $1,000 or more, insists a new opportunity to overturn the Obergefell decision is at hand in the aftermath of Trump’s election to the White House.

“With the election of Donald Trump, and several vacancies on the Supreme Court expected during his term, we have a real chance to reverse this ruling in the short-term,” Brown writes. “The appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch is a great first step. Now we likely need just one justice from the majority ruling in Obergefell to retire and we could be in a position to reverse that ruling. Rumors are flying that such a retirement could occur as early as this summer.”

Trump’s campaign on opposition to same-sex marriage, but after his election said he’s “fine” with the Supreme Court decision and believes the issue is “settled.” However, Trump has nominated the newly confirmed U.S. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, whom LGBT advocates say is a danger to LGBT rights and the marriage decision.

According to the email blast, the march this year is hosted by the Freedom’s Journal Institute for the Study of Faith & Public Policy, a conservative non-profit that bills itself as an institution committed to individual liberty and family values.

NOM has the hosted “March for Marriage” annually for several years. The event has drawn names like perennial Republican presidential candidate and former Sen. Rick Santorum, but the numbers of attendees has dwindled considerably as time passes. According to ThinkProgress, the 2016 march was “a complete flop” with an estimated attendance of 250 people.

In a post scriptum to the email blast, Brown urges supporters to disregard predictions among LGBT advocates the “March for Marriage” will be poorly attended.

“Last year’s March for Marriage blew people away when approximately 400 people attended,” Brown writes. “LGBT extremists who had predicted the death of NOM could not believe their eyes at the crowd of supporters who gathered in D.C. to support true marriage. Let’s make 2017 even more successful! Please make a generous financial contribution to support our work.”

NOM’s event is set to take place just days after the Equality March for Unity & Pride, an anti-Trump LGBT march on Washington set for June 11, and D.C.’s annual Pride festivities scheduled to take place the same weekend.

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  • I always said that like anti-abortion activists who march every year in Washington against it, you could expect this to happen on marriage. It’s best that the GLBT community stop taking for granted that this is settled law! Like abortion, these extremists won’t let it go! We shouldn’t either!

    • or we can just kill all the discriminative bastards who act like they own people and the world and no sense of equality and peace. all extremists who are against something natural and normal and enjoy killing innocent people should be wiped off the face of the earth this includes hypocritical, delusional religious fools.

      • You should be under FBI surveillance. Better yet, you should be sent to prison for this statement, among other things.

        • He just stated what we sometimes think in our darkest of hearts, you know.

        • excuse me but there are innocent people being murdered for no reason in certain countries like russia where they set up concentration camps because of their sexuality as we speak, we have restaurants who won’t serve people because of their sexuality. how inhumane can that get? all of that is illegal and a true crime how many people have to be murdered for no reason while other sit back and say and do nothing? if you support that then you are a sick person.

          • If people are killed, that’s one thing. I thought you meant like kill someone like me.

          • i meant kill people who commit horrible crimes such as what i mentioned.

          • “kill all the discriminative bastards”, I thought you were talking about me too. Sorry I misunderstood.

          • are you a homophobe? racist? sexist?

          • I am a “homophobe”, but not a racist or sexist.

          • then why are you here?

          • Because I was looking up Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and this crap somehow came up.

          • i bet you’re lying, either way if you knew this was not the place you were looking for why bother comment in the first place? are you retarded?

          • Are you? I have freedom to go where I want just like you nutters do all the time. Anything involving this topic you people swarm too even if it’s a place that doesn’t have your view. So cut the bs. Furthermore, I was skimming through different articles actually and I eventually landed on this one.

          • no, YOU cut the BS thats a poor excuse to use, if i am against something that never intentionally appeared before me on purpose then i am able to avoid it, you choose not to avoid it cause you wanted to engage in what people are saying, i’ve been there myself, you’d be smart enough next time not to make this same mistake again.

          • Let’s just play along, so what if I chose not to avoid it?

          • then you wouldn’t be arguing with me and/or anyone else who’d be on here. cause right now i’m stating facts of things i know all about over the years unlike you who only is using religion which is obviously not natural, did i ever mentioned that i grew up under christianity?

          • Where did I state anything about religion or Christianity? The closest thing I’ve said is sodomite, but that’s just because I refuse to say “gay”. I’m still not understanding why it matters if I chose not to avoid it. Perhaps I didn’t originally look for this, but I found it somehow in my searching of something else. Then, I saw that it was attacking nom in the headline and perhaps I was wondering what they had to spew about nom. Then, in order to find out what they’re saying, I have to click and read.

          • then say “gay” it’s much easier, i don’t even use the term “lesbian” cause i mean, whats the difference?

          • No, I won’t say “gay”. Why speak in euphemisms and do what the sodomites want? Why strengthen their self-victimizing hand?

          • actually i will not agree with everything a person does such as this “pride” thing but they do it to make themselves heard as normal, ordinary human beings –
            which they are and not be counted as nothing race, gender, sexuality all have two differences, white, black, male, female, heterosexual, homosexual yet all don’t have anything bad towards them since we all live in the same world, how long did it take for people of a different race and gender to fight for equality, now sexuality is another? humans are advanced but they sure don’t have the mentality to maintain peace compared to animals.

          • Yes, “they” try to lie about it. “They” are not, by the very definition of the word, normal. “They” behave unnaturally. Furthermore, no, race and gender are two innate immutable things. They’re nothing like sexual desire.

          • man you are so dumb, race, gender and sexuality are all the same, just because a person is gay what are the negative effects of it? cause all you’re saying is you just DISLIKE gays so like i said, HOW is a person of something personal such as their own sexuality negatively affecting you?

          • AHAHHAHAHA, race and gender, and sexual desires are not the same things… LMFAO. That’s the most delusional thing I have ever heard. Sodomite behavior is not like being a black person ffs. Yeah, and I said earlier shall list all the things wrong with sodomites but you didn’t respond really, do you want me to now?

          • the only thing delusional is a religious, psychotic fool who has no common sense and seeks to kill innocent people over their sexuality.

          • *deranged behavior

            Uh, ok? Did I say anything about executing people?

          • people who seek to kill innocent people are not innocent. get what i said memorized.

      • No, we kill the hatred.

    • Who says we take it for granted? I for one don’t; it’s something we must fight to keep.

      • The people in our community organized to achieve marriage equality have all disbanded saying this is settled law and nothing to worry about anymore. HRC and other major GLBT organizations aren’t dedicating any resources to this anymore are they? But NOM hasn’t disbanded.

        It’s good that you have some sense! More in the community should!

        • I suspect people in the organizations are keeping an ear to the ground in case it rears its ugly head again. However, they’re devoting most of their resources to other things.

  • You nutters seriously believe that “NOM” is a threat? That’s funny. They used to be big, and they were winning, now they’re nothing after the overpowered courts destroyed the will of millions unconstitutionally. There’s like maybe 200 people that march in this thing now and you people treat it as if it’s some well disciplined, well organized, well funded, serious opposition. It’s like a local church doing a march now, that’s it. You have no actual opposition anymore. You’ve gestapoed them all away with lies, hate, threats, harassment, and oppression; nice job.

    • If the will of millions is turning me into a second-class citizen by telling me I don’t have the same rights as everyone else, then the will of millions is wrong.

      • How are you, a man and that’s it, being made a second class citizen when society decides not to promote and subsidize sodomite behavior? Do tell.

        • thers no such thing as “sodomite” behavior sexuality overall is a natural thing.

          • It’s not natural. Sodomite behavior? Yes, there is such a thing. Do you know what sodomite means?

          • sodomite comes from a stupid religious term and it is natural, do the science, animals are known for engaging in certain behaviors for years, not to mention they are more civilized unlike humans who go unnecessarily overboard by killing someone over that. theres no difference between people who engage in a relationship regardless of gender.

          • There is a difference. The very fact that a male and female are two totally different things proves this. Yeah, and “science” two seconds ago, in the grand scheme of things, had it as a d-isorder. Furthermore, no, it’s not natural. You know what else animals “engage” in? P-edophilia, offspring a-bandonment, p-ederasty, p-olygamy, b-estiality, m-urder, t-hievery, c-annibalism, r-ape, t-orture, eating of one’s offspring, m-urder of ones own offspring, I-ncest, n-ecrophilia, and a slew of other otherwise d-e r a n g e d things. So, you want to keep talking about what’s “documented” among animals? Yeah, didn’t think so.

          • it’s so funny how animals do the same thing compared to us one thing thats not natural is religion since animals don’t display any odd behaviors of worshiping a being that doesn’t possibly exist. sexuality and relationships is a natural thing, you just have a mentality like a child who would find adults showing affection as gross when it’s not until you understand it yourself, not that i’m saying you should be gay, but until you study and understand nature more you’d understand, cause right now you don’t, and i’m not even gay for all you know.

          • Yeah, that’s because human beings are different than animals (yes, scientifically we are animals too, but you know what I mean when I say that). We are much much smarter than the uncivilized deranged unreasonable beast. No, I have the mentality of a person who likes women and thinks sodomite conduct is repulsive. I also have the mentality of literally 5 seconds ago, just the other day it seems, in the USA. “Gay” truly means happy before it was bastardized. Stop speaking in euphemisms to me.

          • for your information you don’t even understand the whole mentality of humans, there are thousands of people regardless of gender who is naturally attracted to people of the same gender in common and there is obviously no difference, you’re more like a person who is against things people have in common thats different from you, i’m a person who likes vegetables just like other people but you don’t so you decide that you should get rid of vegetables and/or people who like them, now THAT right there is uncivilized and idiotic.

          • *Unnaturally attracted

            So you’re comparing this to vegetables. Lol. That’s not convincing, sorry. Furthermore, btw, not sure how I’ve used religion as an argument. So besides me saying sodomite, why did you bring up religion? Or was it strictly because I said sodomite? Because all of what I’ve said so far, like opposition to sodomite “marriage” or what ELSE is also “found” in animal kingdom as well, did not necessarily come from religion.

          • like i said sodomite is a religious term where do you think the word “sodom” comes from? you use a word but don’t even know the origins of it’s true meanings. also how is something so personal such as homosexuality a bother to you? cause i’m sure where ever you go theres a gay person you pass by and they are just ordinary normal people living their lives like you, and to have such an unnecessary, vile evil mentality to hurt people of such is just inhumane. i despise people who are like that, anyone who is like that has a mental disorder cause something personal such as sexuality should not be bothering you at all but you’re making it turn out to be that way for no reason. people like you need to wise up.

          • No, I know the origins. I just refuse to say “gay” is all. Actually, sodomite behavior is not something I like. It’s repulsive. That alone makes me not like it. Not only that, sodomite behavior, and sodomites in general, is not good. It’s a plague upon humanity in numerous ways. Shall I list them for you? Btw, did you know Stalin was against the sodomites, no religion required.

          • stalin is one person has not everybody and hes not the creator of sexuality, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t like it. you have people who are heterosexual like you and me yet they have respect and understand the other side, some people were also gay but then realized they were hetero but also understands from the other side. thats why YOU need to understand as well, cause obviously theres nothing wrong with people being in the same relationship.

          • “Heterosexual”, aka people who are not perverse. What you call “hetero” I call simply what’s natural and our default. Anything other than our default is something known as a deviation. What possible reason should I not be against sodomite “marriage” for? Tell me, how are you, a man and that’s it, being made a second class citizen when society decides not to promote and subsidize sodomite behavior?

          • define perverse, there are people who are born and is not taught to be gay until they realize it for themselves. marriage is a bond between two people, and as far as legal documentation goes, theres nothing wrong with that either, i was once against gay marriage because of a religious perspective, but when i gave it thought thinking about the settings in that, i realized that there was nothing different compared to two heterosexuals marrying, it’s like having roommates of the same gender living together, whats the problem? – none.

          • Perverse being anything other than our default. You didn’t really answer the question. What reason does the government have to subsidize sodomite behavior? What possible reason does it have to subsidize and promote a benefitless behavior? Furthermore, no, government sanctioned marriage is not a bond, it’s government promotion and subsidization of a relationship. Don’t you know what sodomite “marriage” is? It’s government subsidization of sodomite behavior that does absolutely nothing for society and that actually harms it. You did not give it a lot of thought, you went right along with the crowd from what it seems after it was crammed down our throats by the liberals in every way they could. You also didn’t address how anyone is being made second class.

          • let me ask you this, do you believe in a god of some sort? cause normally no ordinary person whos not religious would not use the words “sodomite” and “perverse” also, no one owns people and the world, you and i are not in charge of how things were supposed to be from the beginning since we don’t know who or what was entirely responsible for anything, though like the animals, they are just as civilized and don’t start wars as far as i know or kill species of their own kind on a full scale for selfish reasons.

          • Stalin did. In fact, all of Russia did at a time, in regards to perverse. I think there have been quite a few Godless types and societies against it. Cuba was another example. I think the dictator, Castro, said a sodomite couldn’t be a true revolutionary or something to that effect. Do I believe in a God? Yeah. But even if I didn’t, I could still say all that I have and I would still be against the perverse.

          • have common sense, russia and cuba is not the entire world nor do they own it? did they create the earth and all living things? – no. also, if you believe in a god why were you trying to cover up on my mentioning of religion earlier? unless your religion is a bunch of crap which it is.

          • I never said they were. I was just pointing out that they were against it, no religion required. Actually, I wasn’t covering up being religious. I’m religious, yes. But I would still be against sodomites like Stalin and Russia and Castro and Cuba were even if was Godless.

          • so just because someone is against something you should follow their ideals? thats like saying you’d follow a person to do things that could get you killed which goes to say you don’t care about yourself, be a doer not a follower. you think before you act, just because those people are against something doesn’t mean you should too, right now you’re making them as the main creators of the world when they are obviously not, YOU are your own person and is smart to think for yourself unless you’re just dumb.

          • No, my point is that religion isn’t required to be against it. They were just examples. I’m not a communist if that’s what you think… lol.

          • religion is not even natural and it’s the same thing as i just said, if god was against such things why allow people to live on the earth for decades to be as such? origins of religion comes from people who tried to find the meaning of life when there was and isnt any answer to such? they also used it as ways to conduct order since humans were so uncivilized during ancient times as each rule was reconstructed over and over again till a certain system was established to create some sort of balance through their own ideals. but yet, people still have the freewill to do what they want, it’s in our nature, each person’s perspective is different which is why i said just because a person is against something doesn’t mean you should follow what they go by, think for yourself and see what you personally think is right and wrong. a person could say is right to hurt/kill someone whos different from them but is it REALLY right/necessary to do so?

          • ” We, the majority of society, are telling you that your feelings are worthless, perverse, and of no account. Only our beliefs matter; what’s in your heart is of no consequence, and worth less than nothing.” Sounds like second-class citizenship.and devaluation to me.

      • Do you not see the problem that we couldn’t get gay alimony
        anywhere in the US except by gay/jewish judges? We couldn’t even get it in CA a solid democrat state. The right is making a big deal that all the judges that are blocking Trump are gay jew “ fake-americans”. Fighting for trannies in little girls bathrooms during an election year is one of the reasons Trump won.

        Look at the boy scouts, they won the supreme court in 2000,
        but people in scouts now talk about how 1000+ jewish lawyers forced them to take trannies. These are retired men who you can’t call HR on. For every scout leader that embraces gay kids, there are 2 that would probably throw jews into ovens if they could get away with it.

        • I’m a tad confused. Of course I see the problem; people are trying to take away our rights again and we must fight for them. But are you saying that we shouldn’t have fought for the rights of our trans brothers and sisters simply because it might upset some people who might try to take away our right to marriage again? Could you enjoy the marriage rights you have now knowing that you’d left Trans people out in the cold? I doubt I could.

    • there are more people in the world whos a threat not just a small portion of people you fool.

  • Oh, Goodie! Another chance for ignoramuses to self-identify. I hope their families and employers are paying attention.

  • I saw the sparse turn out last time and it was a complete joke. The event was mostly some Hispanic preachers yelling into megaphones sounding like Sabado Gigante!

    • The attendance was small enough that there was an actual body count. 237 in attendance, including speakers, media people, protesters, passersby and babies.

  • So apparently a humungous crowd turned up for 2017’s little event. A whopping 47 people (including babies) – wow, keep on going NOM – keep on spitting in the face of progress. It’s so much fun seeing all your supporters literally throwing that donation money away…

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