October 27, 2017 at 5:35 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
White House must ‘check into’ Egypt anti-gay bill before condemning
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gay news, Washington Blade

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she’d have to “check into” an Egypt anti-gay bill before condemning it.
(Screenshot via CSPAN)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped short of condemning a proposal in Egypt that would criminalize homosexual acts in Egypt with up to five years in prison, saying she’d have to “check into” the situation.

Sanders made the remarks Friday in response to a question from the Washington Blade on whether she’d condemn the measure, which Egypt lawmakers seem ready to pass amid a general anti-gay crackdown in the country.

“I’m not aware of the specifics of that, so I would have to look into that before I could make a response, but we will certainly be happy to check into it,” Sanders said.

The Blade followed up with Sanders with an email request for a statement of condemnation, but had not heard back by the time of this posting.

The measure would make same-sex relations punishable with between one and three years of prison for a one-time offense, but repeated violators could face up to five years in prison. The proposal would also criminalize “inciting” same-sex relations, advertising an LGBT party, attending an LGBT party or carrying any symbol of LGBT community, such as a Pride flag.

Homosexual acts aren’t currently illegal in Egypt, but law enforcement have persecuted gay and bisexual men in the country under the more general offense of “debauchery.” Last month, Egyptian authorities arrested at least seven people who waived a rainbow flag during a rock concert in Cairo.

According to Human Rights Watch, Egypt’s parliament is likely to pass the legislation, which will then head to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for his signature before becoming law.

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  • The Fake POTUS will do nothing! He will ignore GLBT in Egypt as easily as he has in Chechnya which he’s NEVER addressed! The Trump administration is a disaster for GLBT!

    • The real issue here is anti-gay Islam. An ideology that poses an existential threat to gays – and you just side step it 100%.

      Why should the USA feel it has the right to impose IT’S view of social norms on another country through the POTUS? You are a typical Clinton style imperialist who feels the USA should dictate its will on other nations.

      • The REAL issue your moron is religious extremism! That existential threat is posed to us here by the right-wing extremists in the Trump administration like Sessions and supporters like the FRC!

        Trump imposes his view on social norms all the time your stupid little lump of $h!t! Like whether football players need to kneel or not. That is their business not his. The so-called leader of the free world sets the tone of how all people should be treated around the world. Obama fought for GLBT rights around the world and that is as it should be. Just like Trump fights for religious conservatives around the world! Yes, if we give aid to countries like Egypt we have the right to impose any standards we want in return for it including how to treat GLBT!

        You’re a disgusting obnoxious waste of life leaching on the GLBT right liberals gained for you here while advocating their denial to others around the world! You’re life is meaningless and worthless as are your clueless view on the world and opinions!!

  • Egypt is a muslim country. What do you expect? Did the Washington Blade ever condemn Hillary Clinton for accepting millions upon millions from muslim countries which routinely mutilate and kill gay people?

    • When you have to bring up Hillary Clinton in an article that has NOTHING to do with Hillary Clinton… you’ve lost the argument.

      • Sorry Eli it has everything to do with the blatant hypocrisy of the Washington Blade as it constantly bashes President Trump while elevating Clinton and Obama to gay sainthood.

        • Okay, I’ll give you a shot… what has Trump done that deserves elevation?

          (Note, most recent NBC/WSJ poll puts him 20 under for favorability, his lowest)

          • Not a thing you liberals would give a damn about. The rest of us are quite pleased with 3% growth, illegal aliens now on the run, rolling back Obama’s job killing regulations, reversing Obama’s EO’s and Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

          • The economy was already strong while Obama was in office. Trump had nothing to do with that! And if our economy is so strong, then we don’t need to give corporations or the wealthy a huge tax cut!

            What great jobs have people gotten that you can trace directly to anything that Trump has done? Give specifics!

            Nothing and absolutely NOTHING that you’ve rambled on about has helped GLBT people! In fact, Trump’s agenda has been to promote polices that will hurt LGBT. Nothing that Jeff Session is peddling is pro-GLBT you idiot! That’s what matters here. It’s a GLBT news site you putz!

          • Exactly what did he do that created 3% growth (done a couple of times with Obama)?

            Illegal aliens on the run? You mean ten year old undocumented people being captured after getting medical treatment?

            Job killing regulations? Don’t make me get a map of the record number of continuous months of job growth under Obama that was most recently ended, because I’d hate to drag you more with some facts.

            If the House and the Senate were actually interested in helping the country during the Obama Administration, maybe they would have done some work on things like immigration reform and there wouldn’t have been a need for executive orders? Oh wait, the reversal of executive orders is the work of a petulant man child who thinks he can erase his predecessor (he can’t).

            Oh, and don’t pretend that Mitch McConnell didn’t hold up a stolen seat for nearly a year to try and shape the judicial branch for decades, because THAT ALSO HAPPENED.

          • Were you at Columbia University this evening protesting with NAMBLA and ANTIFA?

          • No.

            Of course, if you believe a planted sign is truth, there REALLY is no hope for you. http://akkadiantimes.com/2017/10/jack-posobiec-planted-signs/

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          • Exactly how strong do you need to be to continue to move these goalposts?

            You have a wonderful day. Bye now.

        • There is nothing to praise Trump about since he has done nothing to advance GLBT rights or promote them rather he supports the agenda of the FRC against the community!

          You conservatives just can’t accept the truth or reality so you live in your own!

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