May 27, 2017 at 10:53 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
White House omits gay partner’s name from photo of NATO first spouses
NATO first spouses

The White House omitted the name of the same-sex spouse of the Luxembourg prime minister in a photo of NATO first spouses (Photo via White House)

The White House on Saturday omitted — and since put in place — the name of the same-sex spouse of the prime minister of Luxembourg from the caption of a photo of NATO first spouses taken during President Trump’s overseas.

The initial caption for the photo, as seen in the edit history on Facebook, declined to identify Gauthier Destenay — the spouse of Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel — even though he’s among the 10 first spouses seen in the photo, including first lady Melania Trump.

Destenay is the only spouse whose name was omitted. The caption also incorrectly identified the first lady of France as Brigitte Trogneux, not her correct name Brigitte Macron, and says the photo was taken as May 25, 2917.

After the omission received attention, including a blog post from the Daily Beast, Destenay’s name was added to the caption. The erroneous name for the first lady of France and date for the photo were still included in the caption at the time of this posting.

Stephanie Grisham, a White House spokesperson, said she’s sure the omission of Destenay’s name “was an oversight” and she informed the photo office of the error.

“Thousands of photos were taken over the course of a very big, very busy international trip,” Grisham said.

The White House omits Destenay’s name from the caption of the photo after his presence among the first spouses during the photo shoot inspired positive buzz on social media.

Destenay, an architect, married Bettel two years ago. According to the Daily Beast, Bettel is the first prime minster from a European Union country to marry a same-sex partner while serving in the role.

Trump campaigned in 2016 in opposition to same-sex marriage, but said soon after his election he’s “fine” with the U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality nationwide and thinks the matter is “settled.”

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  • This is a tempest in a teapot. There are much more pressing issues for the LGBT community to be concerned about: what if Pence should become POTUS !

    • True, it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. But I also think every instance of ignorance, marginalization, and discrimination by this administration needs to be called out. We can’t let one thing slip under the radar of normalization.

      • Trump wants to give us all a tax break and you’re worried about what? A name under a picture?

        The Left has completely lost touch with the reality of everyday life! Not to mention all of the hysterics about what nastiness Trump has done to the gay community…pretty much nothing at all!

        No wonder so many gay men are going “New Gay”, i.e. New Gay Right. Who wants to be part of this deranged lefty whine festival? Not me.

        • It goes way further than a caption under a pic. It goes toward a white house that is homophobic to the pubes, It goes to a racist white house. It is that fat faced Oranged buffoon who sits by and allows anti gay legislation in the states and the federal government to gain steam and traction, it goes towards Sessions and his homophobic stance, choosing a vice president that is homophobic and policies that is anti American. New Gay??? Shove my Gay size 11 foot up the New American Conservative Right Government.

          • Why do you lie? It makes you look quite silly.

          • Well, he’s president and you’re not! Nobody cares about you’re shoe size, this isn’t Ferragamo.

            I really don’t see anything that President Trump has done that I would view as anti-gay.

            All this hysteria about nothing. A colossal waste of time and resources.

  • Of course we know the Trump WH is lying. It’s important for many reasons.

  • Not a word about the woman standing there dressed in the symbols of female oppression, subjugation and genital mutilation.

    • How about the Oranged Face Fat treasonous man in the white house that is a racist, misogynist,a sexist, the coward that asked for and received 5 deferments so that he did not have to fight for the country that he claims he loves so much. The man that invented Fake news, and claimed POTUS 44 was not a citizen. Do not point fingers at another woman, whose religion is different than others when the man in the white house ultimately wants to circumcise and mutilate the rights of Americans.

      • Here’s some news you may have missed: Your woman lost and your man Obama was repudiated and humiliated by the American people. You throw out all these absurdities yet you defend a religion that wants you tortured and dead. I don’t understand how you can possibly come up with all that nonsense.

        • “My man” Obama was elected and re-elected by huge majorities. He didn’t have to call in the Russkies to steal the election.

          • Within a few more months there won’t be a trace left of the Obama years except his $20 trillion dollar debt. We all know you are lying about the “Russkies.”

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